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Our Causes: Consciousness

"The ordinary waking consciousness is a very useful and, on most occasions, an indispensable state of mind; but it is by no means the only form of consciousness, nor in all circumstances the best."

-  Aldous Huxley, English writer and philosopher, 1894-1963 AD 

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Consciousness is the final frontier.

For thousands of years, the exploration of consciousness has been the domain of shamans, healers, and sages. At this moment in time, however, the veil is lifting. The plants, fungi, and other materials that have been secretly guarded by the wisdom-keepers and mystical initiates around the world are suddenly becoming accessible to the masses. This is a good thing, as the insights gained from a properly-facilitated inward journey can be powerful, life-changing, and long-lasting. 

There are a growing number of organizations and practitioners who are helping lead the charge to legalize these medicines and help train others to create a safe mindset and setting for exploration. There is also a simultaneous movement to honor the lineages of wisdom keepers in indigenous communities so their sacred knowledge is appropriately recognized, honored, and protected.

We believe it is time for humans to focus less on the external, fear-based world portrayed in the media and focus on the internal landscape. It is time for us to go inward. Human consciousness is the final frontier. There are many modalities—meditation, cultural rituals, breathwork, etc.—to help us succeed on our journey of transformation. 


Crab Nebula

If you are passionate about the potential for humanity's growth in consciousness and the impact this can have on our planet, please contact us so we can explore partnership opportunities.

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