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First Light Education

"Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire."

- William Butler Yeats, Irish poet, 1865-1939 AD

The most respected organizations on our planet choose First Light Education to create compelling K-12 content from scratch.
Some of our ongoing programs in education include:

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Students To Launch


Students To Launch is an informal, afterschool program we created with funding from AIAA, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.    The program encourages students

to experience the wonders of spaceflight and inspires them to play an active role in a future of infinite possibilities. Students today—the Artemis Generation—will have the opportunity to live and work in space. Students To Launch invites them to dream and wonder about participating in that future.  To learn more, please visit

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Project Ianos


Project Ianos is a classroom-based, STEM-education program we created with grant funding from NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Project Ianos materials blend immersive, hosted videos with a standards-aligned curriculum of hands-on activities. Designed by teachers for teachers, each Expedition and its associated Missions focus on a specific aspect of human spaceflight. To learn more, please visit


Explorer At Large


Explorer At Large is a classroom-based, STEM-education program we created with grant funding from the Smithsonian Institution, Department of Education, Bezos Family Foundation, and community funders in Columbus, Ohio.  

Explorer At Large invites students, through a robust community-based ecosystem, to discover the curiosity to ask questions and the courage to seek answers. To learn more, please visit

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First Light Education creates best-in-class education programs and initiatives to help engage, inspire, and educate students wherever they are: in the classroom, at home, and anywhere in between. Our goal is to spark curiosity and coax that spark into a flame of lifelong learning. If you share that passion and want to discuss working together, please contact us so we can explore partnership opportunities.

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