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Our Causes: Indigenous Wisdom

"The future of humanity — and its present — depends on listening to Indigenous peoples: to what they know of the world, to what they have to teach us; and how they can help our species both survive, and thrive."

-  Wade Davis, Ph.D., Canadian anthropologist & author, 1953 - present

Western Civilization is not the culmination of human evolution. There are many branches on the Tree of Humanity, and the cultural expression of each is equally valid.

Many indigenous cultures view life on Earth through a lens of stewardship and multi-generational resource protection. Many view life through a community-first, sharing mindset. How we, as humans, view the planet and our role on it is fundamental to how we operate individually and the impact we have collectively. 

We believe a shift must take place if we are to reach a sustainable path, and that shift can happen only if we listen to and learn from indigenous cultures. For thousands and thousands of years, they have been stewards of the planet, and it’s time we humbly sit at their feet, listen, and learn—through conversations and ceremony—how we can put humanity back on sustainable path, in balance with the Earth and those we share it with.



If you are equally passionate about advocating for and empowering indigenous cultures, please contact us so we can explore synergies, meaningful partnerships, and trackable outcomes to improve our world.

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