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Our Causes: Health

"There is divinity in your DNA. Live your light."

-  Carlos Santana, American Musician, 1947-present 

Doctors and scientists today are unlocking the building blocks of life itself, giving us greater insights into how medicine and technology can enhance human biology and increase quality of life.   

Can we increase the human lifespan significantly? Can we eradicate major diseases like malaria or cancer? Can we edit human genes to create more resilient humans? Technology is helping us discover and explore areas of medicine in ways only dreamed of just decades ago.

First Light works with the leading medical institutions on the planet. Our pedagogy of hands-on, immersive learning helps medical professionals dispel myths, assuage concerns, and introduce medical breakthroughs in order to help us build a healthier world. 

If you are equally passionate about health, medicine, and improving the quality of human lives, please contact us so we can explore synergies, meaningful partnerships, and trackable outcomes to improve our world.

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