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Our Causes: Oceans

"Light drives the physics, chemistry, and biology of the ocean. Without light in the ocean, life on Earth could not exist."

-  Dr. Tommy D. Dickey, Secretary of the Navy/Chief of Naval Operations Chair in Ocean Sciences, UCSB

Life on Earth cannot exist without healthy oceans.

Oceans produce at least 50% of the planet's oxygen, absorb around 30% of the carbon dioxide produced by humans, and serve as the world's largest source of protein—something more than 2.6 billion people rely on every day. And yet the long list of threats—plastic pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction, algal blooms, and coral reef bleaching (to name just a few)—are disregarded in the name of ignorance, short-sighted convenience, and profit.

First Light is passionate about ocean advocacy and uses storytelling to increase awareness of threats like overfishing, habitat destruction, algal blooms, and coral reef bleaching.  We help people better understand the critical importance of and interdependence between oceans and human civilization, and what steps we can take to protect it.

If you are equally passionate about saving the oceans and waterways on our planet, please contact us so we can explore synergies, meaningful partnerships, and trackable outcomes to improve our world.

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